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Katie Fields Brown

Katie Fields Brown

We don’t know a lot about Katie Fields Brown, but rumor has it that she was full blooded Cherokee although her records say, mulatto. Recent findings show Katie was enslaved by Meuta McCoy. After Jacks’ death, the records show that Katie lived with her son John and his wife, and or her daughter, Annie. Although rumor is that she eventually moved to Tulsa or Kansas. However, Rev. Jack’s grave was relocated, and not too far from the new location; there is another grave with the name of a Katie Brown who died in 1915… A coincidence? We are determined to obtain greater historical clarity.

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In Loving honor to our beloved ancestors for preserving and passing down our family stories to the next generation.

Reverend Jack and Katie Fields Brown endured the horrors of slavery, the civil war and Jim Crow laws in the Southern United States and Indian Territory (Oklahoma) to become prominent citizens in their community. The couple resided in Indian territory prior to Oklahoma Statehood in 1907. Rev. Jack Brown voted in tribal elections and served on the Cherokee National Lower Council for the Illinois District.

Rev. Jack and Katie (Kate) had eight children: Henry, Joseph (Joe), Johnny (John), Annie (Anna), Richard, Delilah, Fannie and Claude Brown who died at birth. The Brown family were fluent speakers of the Cherokee language and English. The Brown family participated in local Cherokee Nation tribal community events and attended social gatherings such as pow wows and stomp dances.

We are The VianBrowns of Oklahoma. African American/Cherokee Freedmen.

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Jack Brown

Jack Brown

Jack Brown was born in 1823, in Alabama, we believe. Recent findings show Jack was enslaved by Sequoyah Brown.Yet, unfortunately there is precious little we are sure of regarding Jack’s history, i.e., mother & father, siblings (all unknown)… There are theories & possibilities, but not many hard facts. Incidentally, we are working to resolve this mystery… In 1867 Jack married Katie Fields Brown and together, founded Mt. Olive Church in Vian, Oklahoma when it was still “Indian territory” and Jack became the first “black” ordained minister in Oklahoma. They had 8 children.  Jack died Feb 21, 1892.

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Mt. Olive Baptist Church

Founders: Jack & Katie Brown

In 1867, Reverend Jack and Katie founded the Mount Olive Baptist Church in Vian, Oklahoma. As a pastor, Rev. Jack Brown met the spiritual needs of the local residents in eastern Oklahoma and Arkansas.

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